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Leaders call for urgent assistance to the drought affected

Leaders from ASAL counties have called upon the government, non-government organizations and private individuals to come out and intervene by assisting residents affected by drought.

Speaking to the press, Moyale Member of Parliament (MP) Prof Guyo Jaldesa thanked Musical artiste Reuben Kigame for accepting to be ambassador of hope in addressing the needs of northern people who are victims of the severe drought.

He stated with concern that the people of North Kenya are suffering due to lack of water and food caused by inadequacy of rainfall.

“There has been a shortage of rain over the last four years, as a result, livestock are dying due to lack of water and pasture and if the drought continues all the herds will be swept away,” stated Jaldesa.

North Horr MP Wario Guyo Adhe stated that malnutrition rate in Northern Kenya is high adding that the national examination calendars would be affected since many candidates in Northern Kenya will fail to sit for their examinations as they will be out searching for food and water.

“Cases of malnutrition are high in Northern areas and if this trend continues without interventions, candidates for this year will not sit for their examinations,” said Adhe.

Adhe pointed out that in order to salvage the malnourished, there is need to intervene with water tracking interventions for communities and their livestock, supporting critical breeding stocks, cash transfers, food aid, school feeding programs and providing supplements for malnourished children and elderly.

“To salvage the hunger crisis, we have also requested Kigame to be the ambassador of hope because he has a lot of influence and clout in order to push this agenda forward,” he stated.

Kigame stated that he accepted to be the ambassador of hope when he was asked by the two leaders, Prof Guyo Jaldesa and Wario Guyo Adhe who were advocating for hunger crises in North Kenya.

“I accepted to be an ambassador of hope as I was depressed by the situation thinking of those who are affected by malnutrition,” said Kigame.

Citam Kisumu-Social Action and Advocacy lead- Sheila Sirengo stated that Citam is advocating for the hunger crisis that is facing most parts of the country by providing dry food to the affected areas through donations in their local assemblies.

By Hellen Mwangi

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