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Leaders Cite Drought as Cause of School Drop Out

Leaders drawn from Mbeere South and Mbeere North Embu County have pointed out that the continued drought is the main cause of school dropout.

Speaking during a consultative meeting with education stakeholders, Mbeere South Member of Parliament (MP) Nebert Muriuki said that the continued effects of drought has badly affected school going children in Mbeere leading to many school going children dropping out of schools.

The lawmaker said that drought has resulted in lack of water and food in many homes in Mbeere and that it has in turn led to poor performance among the school going children.

Muriuki added that many school going children in Mbeere which is an ASAL area have opted to drop out of schools to help their parents fetch for water.

He also stated that most school going children have dropped out of schools in search of menial jobs so that they can supplement what their parents get for their families to afford food on their tables.

The MP said that many school going children and many families in Mbeere go for days without food in their homes and called on the National Government and the County Government of Embu to allocate more funds in the upcoming budgets to offer lasting solutions to the perennial food shortage in Mbeere.

“The rains have failed again and many farmers did not harvest any food for a third year in a row, making the situation dire,” said the MP. He said that pupils cannot study on an empty stomach, adding that the relief food provided by the Government to the various schools in the area was a drop in the ocean.

He called on the National Government, County Government and well-wishers to come to the aid of Mbeere pupils by donating food so that they can be able to remain in schools.

Muriuki said that during the education consultative meeting, education stakeholders decided to have high-yielding boreholes sunk in parts of Mbeere which will supply clustered schools with water.

He said that he will also seek permission to have the NG-CDF kitty purchase a water bowser to help supply water to schools.

Mbeere South Deputy County Commissioner Mr. George Omollo said that the Government is mapping out the most affected areas in Mbeere and will soon supply relief food.

“I appeal to those with extra food to share with those who don’t have as the Government embarks on intervention measures,” said Omollo.

The MCAs present appealed to the school heads in Mbeere to be patient with pupils as county bursaries will be released soon.

Embu County Assembly Minority leader Ngari Mbaka called on the Government to find a way to get water to Mbeere residents. “It doesn’t make sense that we live without water, yet we host five Seven Forks Dam in Mbeere,” said Ngari Mbaka.

By Justus Anzaya

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