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Leaders told not to blame handshake for their poor performance

Elected leaders especially from the larger mount Kenya region have been told to stop blaming the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition chief Raila Odinga for their poor performance.
Gatundu South Legislator Moses Kuria has said the coming together of the President and Odinga has not by any way interfered with implementation of projects.
He told leaders to deliver their promises to the electorate and stop dragging Raila into their premature campaigns.
“Some of us are now accusing Raila for their poor performance. The Opposition leader is not the one who gives resources or directs elected leaders on what to do. All elected leaders should just work for their people and stop hiding in misplaced blames,” argued Kuria at Githima village in Murang’a where he attended a burial
The MP lashed at two political factions within Jubilee party who were engaged in early campaigns, saying the leaders aligned into kieleweke and tanga tanga outfits were wasting their time instead of working for their people.
In central region, the two political factions have been traversing the area accusing each other and trying to set pace on campaigns for 2022.
He called upon residents to ignore those engaged in premature 2022 campaigns but instead pressurize them to work on development projects.
“We were elected in 2017. We are yet to work for our people and instead some of us are engaged in campaigns! What will people assess us on when the term comes to end?” posed Kuria.
“Before electing any leaders people should evaluate every candidate and elect a person who is development conscious and ready to work for them but not one who is always engaging in mere politics,” he continued.
Meanwhile, the outspoken legislator dismissed those calling for a parliamentary system of government.
He noted that some MPs were representing few residents and thus they could not be at the same level with those representing a big population.
“National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale recently supported the parliamentary system of government but I want to assure him such system cannot be applicable in Kenya. Some MPs just represent small population compared to others who represent thousands and thousands of constituents,” stated Kuria.
He warned people from rushing to amend the Constitution without clear reasons on areas which needed change.
By Bernard Munyao

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