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Leaders want entrepreneurship policies promoted

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro is optimistic that the nation’s prospect towards the realization of a sound economic stability and prosperity could be only be achieved when the country fully exploited her entrepreneurship potentials.

Nyoro told the Entrepreneurship Hub Africa 2024 forum at Mount Kenya University (MKU) in

Thika said policies on diverse fields as finance, Technology and Agriculture should be tailored to create a productive environment for entrepreneurship in the country.

He cited major economies like South Korea that devised similar strategies only later to become financial giant in the global scene   have grown due to the support given by their governments to entrepreneurs.

“Kenya is not going to be changed by its leaders, but it’s going to be changed by entrepreneurs. The leaders can only create and amend policies to help the people do business and improve the economy,” he said.

He also urged the government to put more effort in promoting entrepreneurship by creating a culture that values and supports it. This can be done through public awareness campaigns and by recognizing and celebrating the contributions of entrepreneurs.

Nyoro added that the governments can help by providing funds through grants, loans and other financial incentives to eligible businesses.

He quipped that notable global brands like Hyundai grew internationally due to the financial support they received from their governments.

“If the government were to use public money to support entrepreneurs in the county, as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Budget Committee I’d allocate that money tomorrow. The government should make a way for people to make their money,”

EALA MP Maina Karobia who backed the proposal urged Kenyan investors and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the market in the East African Community to expand their business empires but demanded for the implementation of laws and removal of non-tariff barriers for ease of doing business.

“The East African market is very huge with access to two oceans including the Indian and the Pacific oceans. This is an opportunity that business people in our country should seize.

We are urging them to ensure that the goods and products they manufacture have a regional appeal so that they can trade easily within the East African Community member states,” Karobia said.

Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi who had accompanied the lawmakers at the forum challenged youths to exploit opportunities in the digital workspace including investing in digital currencies.

In the same breath, Itumbi vowed to challenge the State to allow World Coin back into the country noting that it will be of high value in the near future.

“I hold that World Coin should come back to Kenya and I am going to put up a fight in all relevant tables to ensure the same. When it was banned in the country, it was going for Ksh7. Today World Coin is going for ksh48 and maybe in a year or so it will be above Ksh1000,” Itumbi said.

By Carolina Kamande


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