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Legislator joins public health officials

Imenti South sub-county public health officials have consolidated efforts with area MP Kathuri Murungi to ensure the public is adequately informed about the coronavirus pandemic.
Speaking at Kanyakine market yesterday, sub-county public health promotion officer Joyce Mbiti said the legislator participated in drawing up a public sensitization programme on the pandemic in the sub-county.
“Some of the people doing the anti-Covid-19 road shows and the materials being used for demonstrations to the public on how to keep safe have been provided by the area Member of Parliament,” Mbiti said.
Mbiti said area CDF office had given out transport for public health officials to go round the constituency sensitizing and informing people on the effects of the pandemic and how to combat it at personal and community level.
She said many of the people were committed to exercising what was being directed by the Ministry of Health to contain the spread of coronavirus but for a few who were yet to accept the reality.
The officer regretted to note that some traders insisted on carrying out business as usual claiming that staying at home was a tall order and a way of attracting poverty in their families.
“Banana traders have turned out to be the most adamant in complying with government directives since we embarked on public information and sensitization programme implementation in all parts of the sub-county,” she noted.
Mbiti appealed for enhanced surveillance by the chiefs and assistant chiefs on the directive of keeping social distance especially in markets and shopping centers, where many people idled in gatherings before retreating back home ahead of the curfew hour.
She noted that while public service vehicles had continued to carry the recommended number of passengers, boda boda riders had remained notorious of carrying more than one passenger along with not availing helmets for their customers.
The officer commended the public for heeding to the call of using face masks and regular washing of hands with soap and running water both at home and in public places saying traders opening their premises had placed water tanks with soap for their customers to use before entering.
Mbiti was optimistic that people in Imenti south were up to the task in assisting the government achieve the goal of containing the pandemic within the shortest time possible for life to go back to normal.

By Makaa Margaret

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