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Legislator vows to mobilize resources for facilities

The Buuri Member of Parliament (MP), Rindikiri Mugambi has vowed to mobilize relevant stakeholders in the education sector to provide adequate facilities for quality education.

Speaking to the public at Kiirua, the legislator said the current situation was wanting as the high transition rate of learners from primary schools to secondary schools was above the available facilities.

Mugambi  said he had taken a personal move to reach out to other stakeholders in the area to ensure most of the schools, if not all, had permanent classrooms as way of motivating parents, teachers and learners as they collaborated to improve on education standards.

He  regretted that some schools were operating without enough classrooms and toilets for learners and teachers, saying such situations were very demoralizing and impeded on overall performance in schools.

The  MP appealed for an urgent action by the Teacher Service Commission to deal with the acute teachers’ shortage in the area so as to have learners in the 87 public primary and 44 secondary schools out of which 37 were day enjoy the right to quality education from professionals.

Mugambi cited the need for the region to be considered hardship area so to have teachers and other government officials retained for enhanced and quality public service delivery.

He noted the area was losing a lot of workers to the neighbouring counties of Isiolo and Laikipia to benefit from the hardship allowance enjoyed by their colleagues in the two counties.

Mugambi identified Ntumburi, Kiirua and Ruiri-Rwarera as the most remote areas in the Constituency hence the urgency of having mitigation measures put in place to save residents from food deficiency and water scarcity effects.

The legislator further assured the public that he was committed to lobbying for the sub-division of the constituency along with the creation of more sub-counties in a bid to have services taken close to the people especially those living far from Timau and Kiirua towns.

By  Makaa  Margaret

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