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Legislators ask County Government to Revive Irrigation Schemes

Isiolo North MP Hassan Odha and his Isiolo South counterpart Abdi Koropu now want the County Government to revive all the stalled Irrigation schemes in the area in effort to improve food security.

The legislators urged the County government to revive all irrigation schemes in Malkadaka, Merti, Gafarsa and Rapsu areas which have capacity to produce sufficient food for Isiolo and the neighbouring Counties.

The MPs said that recently established farms at Moliti had adopted the modern farming methods which demonstrated to the local residents on how to improve food security.

They urged local people to sell off the large herds of livestock they reared and remain with manageable numbers and supplement their incomes with farming activities.

Mr. Odha said that the National and County governments served the local communities and they are supposed to start projects that had impact in the remote areas where people really needed support.

“It should not be seen as if only National governments initiated projects are visible on the ground while all county government’s projects stagnate and are not rejuvenated at all,” the legislator said.

Mr. Koropu called upon the County Government to be at forefront in promoting development at the grassroots so as to improve the residents’ standard of living.

He further directed that all NG-CDF initiated projects in Isiolo South constituency be branded as soon as they are completed and certificates issued by the public works officer.

By Abduba Mamo

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