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Licenses for liquor outlets in Murang’a revoked

The  Murang’a  county government has been forced to revoke all liquor licenses in effort to contain spread of Covid-19 virus.

The county administration was forced to cancel the licenses after some outlets defied directive by Governor Mwangi wa Iria which he issued on Monday ordering all bars to stop operating.

The governor said the option to revoke the licenses was informed by a trend of residents who have been flocking in liquor dens after they were given offs from their workplaces.

Speaking shortly after meeting bishops among other church leaders at the county offices on Wednesday, the governor observed that bars are marked as one of the high risk places for spread of coronavirus.

“Under the Public Health Act we revoke all liquor licenses and bars in this county will remain closed till further communication,” added Wa Iria.

He said that the cancellation of the licenses would lender the business permit in possession of bar owners invalid.

The law enforcers through the County Commissioner’s office, Iria said have the responsibility to ensure all the outlets do not operate.

He noted that all measures given by the county government after consultations with other stakeholders should be adhered to so as to avoid spread of the disease which has put lives of many people across the world at risk.

During the meeting with members of the clergy, a conclusive decision whether to halt Sunday church services or not was not reached.

The church leaders said they will consult widely with their national leaders so as to make a decision, saying they are also very concerned about the disease.

Father Moses Kahutha representing the Catholic Dioceses of Murang’a said the Church Bishops are holding several meetings to give a directive about church services.

“For now we have put in place several measures which Christians are requested to observe but we want to have small groups for worship so as to ensure members of our congregation are safe from contracting the disease,” he added.

In the meeting it was resolved that all weddings in Murang’a to be put on hold, in efforts to avoid gathering.

“Only weddings that had been planned for this weekend will be allowed. The clergy should discourage weddings until situation improves,” said the governor.

Gathering at mortuary as mourners go to pick bodies for burial was also discouraged with Muslim community requesting government to provide them with body bags for sending off their deceased relatives.

By  Bernard Munyao

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