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Lifebuoy Introduces H for Hand Washing Games to Promote hygiene

Lifebuoy, a leading hygiene brand, has unveiled a set of innovative hand-washing games, titled ‘H for Hand Washing Games,’ in anticipation of Global Hand Washing Day (GHD) this Sunday.

Developed in partnership with Imaginemake, these games aim to engage young minds while emphasizing the importance of hand hygiene.

Unilever Kenya CEO Mr. Luck Ochieng’ said the collection which comprises four board games, including Hand Washing Ludo, Germ and Ladders, Soap Tac-Toe, and Lose the Germs are tailored for children aged 2 to 6, and have been reimagined to encourage the young to practice proper hand washing with soap after playing.

The games,Ochieng’ said will be available at the Kidogo Centre in Kangemin and are in response to the trend of declining hand washing rates, exacerbated by post- coronavirus pandemic hygiene fatigue, adding that Unilever has collaborated with entrepreneurial women to support the establishment and enhancement of childcare micro-businesses.

“The decrease in hand washing rates raises alarm bells, as it could lead to an increase in preventable infections and diseases among children. This partnership aims to ensure local ownership and sustainability, playing a pivotal role in revitalizing hand hygiene practices,” said Ochieng’.

He said that Lifebuoy acknowledges the urgent need to reinvigorate hand-washing habits, particularly among minors, noting that the ‘H for Hand Washing Games’ initiative directly addresses this need by providing an engaging and interactive solution to educate and inspire children to consistently practice proper hand hygiene.

“We are introducing Lifebuoy’s inaugural ‘H for Hand Washing Games Kit’- a collection of four board games and other local games ingeniously designed to educate kids about hand washing while they play. Hand washing with soap should be a natural and interactive experience,” said the CEO during the launch.

Ochieng’ also emphasized the broader goal of instigating a movement to accelerate behavioral change in hand washing among children, with the intention of integrating hand hygiene education into school curricula worldwide.

He noted that this approach not only promotes health and well-being but also empowers children to advocate for hygiene practices. “The launch underlines Unilever’s commitment to drive transformative change for communities and children by preventing illness through improved sanitation and equipping them with the skills and confidence to thrive,” he said.

Simultaneously, Unilever has generously donated over 200,000 pieces of Lifebuoy soap to various schools and educational institutions nationwide, further reinforcing their dedication to promoting hygiene and well-being in communities.

By Okal Kevin

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