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Administrators asked to mobilize farmers for registration

Kajiado County Commissioner Felix Watakila has urged the Deputy County Commissioners, chiefs and assistant chiefs to mobilize farmers to be registered so that they can benefit from the subsidized fertilizers.

While speaking to the Deputy County Commissioners (DCCs) in his office in Kajiado

today, Watikila noted that the government is keen on ensuring food security in the country and this will only be made possible if the farmers have enough inputs.

“I urge the DCCs, Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs to carry out a door to door mobilization campaign for the farmers to register to receive the subsidized fertilizer. The government is keen to ensure that there is food security in the country,” said Watikila.

He added,” This will be made possible if farmers receive adequate farm inputs so that they can produce adequate yields.”

The County Commissioner also cautioned the farmers against selling the subsidized fertilizer saying it sabotages the government’s programme.

“Farmers should use the fertilizer for its intended purpose. We don’t want to see cases where farmers are selling the subsidized fertilizers. That is sabotaging the government and we won’t accept it,” cautioned Watakila.

Watakila appealed to the farmers who are yet to register to visit their respective Chief and assistant chief offices to be registered.

29,514 farmers have already been registered for the subsidized fertilizers in Kajiado.

The government launched the nationwide registration of farmers on January to ease distribution of the subsidized fertilizers ahead of the planting season.

By Diana Meneto

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