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Local Supermarket to aid writers distribute books

Naivas Supermarket has started a project that will see the retailer support over 300 new Kenyan authors by distributing their books via its 75 branches across the country.

The project dubbed ‘A Kenyan writer’s Path’ that was launched at Naivas Foodmarket Ciata City Mall in Nairobi, is aimed at aiding Kenyan authors publicize and market their work by stocking their books at the Naivas branches.

Speaking at the event, Naivas Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Willy Kimani revealed that the project was started with the sole objective of solving the distribution equation, of which the initiators have identified other gaps within the community, which will be addressed by linking authors to partners for professional services.

“Since the beginning of this project we have had an amazing turnout of Kenyan writers, authors and even publishers. From the initial call we had over 700 authors come forward,” said Kimani.

He added that over the past three months Naivas has been working with the authors of which over 300 new authors joined the project.

“The public can now access a wider selection of Kenyan authored content in the books section ranging from educational, motivational, fictional, non-fictional, literature and biographies,” Kimani.

The Chief Commercial Officer disclosed that over the years he had a passion to play part in preserving Kenyan stories, a need that made him come up with the project to assist local authors.

He noted that it is every Kenyan’s prerogative to conserve books written by local writers and urged all citizens to support them by purchasing their books.

The launch was planned to coincide with the International Literacy Day, which is celebrated on 8th September every year.

By Christine Ontita and Njeri Kariuki

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