Local Tourists encouraged to make Nakuru City as preferred choice

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Nakuru County Tourism Board Chairman Mr. David Mwangi has appealed to local tourists to make the newest city their preferred choice during the forthcoming Easter Holidays.

Interviewed by KNA today. Mwangi assured the visitors that they have planned well for their visit and prices for accommodation and meals would not be hiked during the long holiday.

Additionally, he said they are excited that the County has become one of the popular destinations for local tourists, who often make a point of visiting the tourist attractions such as the famous Nakuru National Park and the Hyrax Museum.

However, Mwangi noted that the County has many more interesting areas such as flower farms, the iconic Lord Delamare Castle, and the Menengai hill that are not visited as often.

Mwangi noted that the Kenya Forestry Service has created a safe nature walk at the Menengai Forest where families would spend time with their children as they appreciate nature and breathe fresh air.

Apart from that, Mwangi said the city was surrounded by various hills that are liked by health-conscious tourists, which give a fantastic view of the city and are good for memorable picture-taking.

Furthermore, he said the city was endowed with wellness centres such as natural saunas that use firewood instead of electricity, and charge as little as Sh500 for two hours.

By Veronica Bosibori

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