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Locals asked to volunteer information about criminals

Lugari Sub-County residents have been urged to report criminals to the security agencies for action instead hiding them.

Speaking during a baraza meeting at Lugari Station market ground on Thursday, the security team led by the area Deputy County Commissioner Moses Gicharu asked the locals to work with the security organs to foster peace in the Sub-County by reporting those involved in criminal activities.

The DCC admitted that it would be challenging to eliminate criminal acts if the locals do not volunteer critical information that would help police or other security agencies while investigating insecurity incidents.

He said although defilement cases are common among the family members in the Sub-County, prosecutions are not completed because witnesses are not ready to give vital information.

Gicharu regretted that all criminal acts in the Sub-County are related to illicit brewing which is deeply rooted in the Sub-County.

He revealed that investigation from the Sub-County security team shows that there were over 400 homes in the Sub-County involved in illicit brewing.

The Sub-County boss who was holding his first baraza with the locals since his posting said that he will be moving to all locations sharing with the locals so they can work together on matters of security and development.

On his part, Turbo Police Station Officer in Charge of Station Job Kipchumba who represented Lugari Police  sub  Commander said that police are having difficulty completing some criminal investigations because the community members are not cooperating to give critical information about the suspects.

Kipchumba waded on some boda boda riders for being involved or aiding criminal activities including robbing of their passengers at night.

He revealed an incident where a boda boda rider robbed of a Lugari Kenya Medical Training College Student at night hours in Lugari forest but locals were not cooperating with the police to arrest the suspect.

“We are aware that you boda boda riders are also involved in movement of illicit brew or drugs especially during night time,” Kipchumba said.

The OCS noted that the security team were organising a meeting with boda boda riders so that they can share on how they can help each other on matters of security.

At the same time, Jogoo Wangatia the Sub-County Director of Criminal Investigation also pleaded with the locals not to conceal criminals in their midst.

Jogoo assured locals that government security agencies are there to protect the locals and it was the duty of residents to work with them.

By Geoffrey Satia

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