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Loima Health Management Team, PanAfricare review Covid-19 vaccine uptake

The Turkana County Health Department, through Loima Sub- County Health Management Team and PanAfricare Kenya have conducted a comprehensive review meeting, that assessed the progress made in Covid-19 vaccination campaign during the fourth quarter in the Sub- County.

The review meeting identified areas that required improvement and developed interventions to further mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

Abdirahman Musa, Loima Sub- County Medical officer of Health (MOH) emphasised the positive progress achieved during the fourth quarter, attributing it to the efforts of the influencers employed for the programme.

Expressing appreciation for PanAfricare and the influencers, Musa acknowledged the effectiveness of the strategies implemented in the third quarter, which resulted in over 3,000 people being vaccinated during the fourth quarter.

Kassim Lupao of PanAfricare assured their commitment to supporting the team in strengthening health systems to ensure data safety and facilitate easy follow-ups.

Lupao said a list of defaulters would be shared with the influencers to educate them on the importance of completing the vaccination. He noted that a plan to integrate Covid-19 vaccination within the normal health services was in place.

The influencers pledged to dedicate their efforts to raise awareness about the Covid-19 vaccine in communities. They will also support in increasing the number of people participating in the vaccination campaign.

By Peter Gitonga 

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