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 Loita farmers harness short rains for increased food production

Farmers in Narok South Sub County have taken advantage of the ongoing rains to plant fast-maturing crops with the hope of reaping a bumper harvest early next year.

A spot check in Loita ward by KNA showed that many farmers were planting beans, potatoes, and green peas that do well in the area and mature fast.

Benson Kupai, a seasoned farmer in Loita ward said they were optimistic that the rains will be above average as predicted by the meteorological department.

“We have been facing numerous challenges in recent years, with erratic rainfall patterns affecting our crops. The onset of the anticipated El Niño rains brings a sense of relief and a renewed hope in farming,” he said.

Kupai said the crops planted will boost food production in the county as they are the stable food in the community.

“A successful planting season will not only benefit us but will also contribute to the overall food production in Narok County and Kenya at large,” he continued.

The Loita region, he said, has traditionally relied on the long rains to sustain its agricultural activities where planting season begins in March.

Another farmer, Robert Soompe echoed Kupai’s sentiments expressing confidence that there will be increased crop production early next year following the increased area of cultivation.

He said the county government of Narok has always provided support by sending extension officers to advise on the best farming practices and the availability of certified seeds.

Narok County Director of Meteorological Services Peter Karanja said most parts of the county will experience enhanced rainfall this season.

He said isolated storms are likely to occur in some parts of the larger Trans Mara and parts of the Loita area with showers and thunderstorms likely to occur over several places.

 By Ann Salaton and Tobiko Chris

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