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Long rains to peak in March and continue into June, expert

Bungoma County is projected to have a 25 percent chance of receiving above normal rains, 35 percent chance of receiving normal rains and a 40 percent chance of receiving below normal rains this season.

County Director Meteorological Services, Mr. Noah Eledi however, said that distribution in both space and time is expected to be generally poor, adding that due to the topographical differences in the various sub counties, it is expected that there will be differences in amounts.

Eldei forecasted that the rains would likely peak in the fourth week of March and continue into June 2023. Maize farmers have consequently been advised to take advantage of the long rains, plant early maturing varieties and use organic manure.

An advisory from the Ministry of Agriculture asked farmers to use certified inputs from recommended agro dealers asking them to retain the input purchase receipts and lot numbers.

The farmers have been asked to undertake timely control of pests and diseases, practice agro forestry, take crop insurance cover, timely weeding and use good agronomical practices.

Dairy farmers have been asked to ensure that animals are vaccinated against common infectious diseases such as black quarter, lumpy skin disease, East Coast Fever and anthrax.

Poultry farmers should vaccinate birds as recommended by the animal health service provider especially fowl typhoid and Newcastle disease. Farmers were also asked to clean and disinfect the poultry housing units and do reinforcement of their poultry houses to prevent theft.

To reap maximum yields, farmers have been advised to practice appropriate feed formulation, provide mineral supplement to prevent deficiency diseases and de-worm the birds.

This advisory was developed by a team of scientists and agriculture stakeholders from Bungoma County. According to Eledi, due consideration was given to value chains being promoted by County Government of Bungoma and Agriculture Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSPII).

Farmers’ preferences and views on the adoptability and usefulness of the management practices geared towards adaptation and mitigation of climate change and variability related impacts affecting different value chains and livelihoods, input and professional advice from various stakeholders was also considered.

Eledi stated that during the October – December season, below normal rainfall conditions occurred over most parts of the county. He said that the rainfall received was poorly distributed and ceased at the end of November ushering in a long dry spell.

Eledi said the seasonal forecast should be used together with the weekly and monthly weather forecasts issued by the meteorological department.

Bungoma County Programme Coordinator (ASDSP), Mr. Vincent Wechabe asked farmers seeking further information, to seek advice from the nearest extension/technical officers.

By Roseland Lumwamu



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