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Looming Heavy Rains in Murang’a

Murang’a County meteorological department has cautioned local residents that heavy rainfall is expected to pound the area in coming days.

It is feared the rains might trigger landslides in some parts of the county and the local disaster management committee has been put on high alert to help in case of a disaster.
The County Meteorological Director, Mr. Paul Murage has said in the coming weekend many parts of the county will receive more than 100 millimeters of rains which is quite high for the steep terrains hence the fear of landslides.
Speaking to KNA on Wednesday, Murage said the fact that soils are already fully saturated and more rains my trigger landslides in sloppy areas, residents who live in landslide prone areas should be extra careful.
“Since October last year, there has been no dry spell in Murang’a County so soils are saturated and with ongoing rains, some areas may be hit by landslides,” stated Murage.
Since last week, four landslides have been reported in different parts of the county leading to destruction of property.
Murage observed that more rains are being experienced in middle parts of the county, area where there are more settlements.
“Many residents of Murang’a live at areas which are currently experiencing minor landslides and we fear more rains may occasion a lot of destruction,” cautioned Murage.
The rains, Murage added will continue up to the end of May and thus people living in landslide prone areas need to move to safer places.
“There is a challenge currently when comes to the exercise of moving people to safer areas. There is threat of Covid-19 and we need to be extra careful when it comes to shifting of people faced by threat of landslides,” reiterated the Director.
In the past, tea growing zones have been experiencing landslides during rainy seasons leaving farmers counting losses after their tea bushes are swept away.
This time, Murage said more rains are being experienced in middle zones of the county with Kandara recording 97 millimeters of rains on Tuesday.
Gatanga sub County is 100 percent full and more rains will lead to spillage thus occasioning floods in lower parts along river Tana.
“We appeal to people living in lower parts of Murang’a County to be on look out of floods. People should also drink treated water to avoid contracting waterborne diseases,” advised Murage.

By Bernard Munyao

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