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Lost child unable to identify his home

Tens of thousands of children are living on the streets; some forced out by poverty, violent home lives and family breakups. Others have lost their parents while many families have been displaced by demolition of their homes and apartments.

Amos, a 17 year old boy who cannot fully articulate himself because of disability, was found on the streets of Rongo in Migori County by one Mathew Otieno, a pastor in one of the churches in Rongo Sub County.

Speaking to KNA, Otieno said that he had seen Amos struggling to survive along a street near his church premises for over one week. He says that the young man would be rained on for lack of shelter and looked emaciated for lack of enough food. This touched the softer part of his heart and he decided to accommodate Amos temporarily while he looked for help to take the boy back to his home.

Circumstances that may have led to the young man loitering along the streets of Rongo are yet to be established as it is believed the boy emanates from Gucha, Kisii County.

After one month of staying with the child, Otieno has decided to take him to Nyamache Police Station in Kisii County for help in identifying the child’s parents believed to be from the area (Nyamache).

He says he is unable to cater for Amos plus his (Otieno’s) family because of the financial constraints.

The questions then are; is there a solution to these street children problem? How many children are suffering the same trauma in the country? Will there be a permanent solution to these homeless children? Whose responsibility are they?

By Misheba Alfred

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