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Low production the bane of poultry farmers

The indigenous chicken which the Nakuru poultry farmers prefer and yet their egg yields were low. Photo by KNA.

Poultry  farmers in Nakuru County  were  advised  to form co-operative societies and groups in order to attract a large number of consumers of their products.

A  Poultry expert in the county, Fredrick Odera said the major problem for the poultry farmers was not the low prices for their eggs and meat, but the lack of capacity to produce consistently the required amounts.

Odera   was speaking on Tuesday during a farmers’ training at Soilo centre.

He said a number of supermarkets, hotels and schools were sourcing for eggs from the neighbouring countries since the local farmers lacked the required productivity and reliability.

Odera said the markets favour dependability and steadiness, which the local farmers have failed to achieve as they keep on complaining about low prices and the increase of imported eggs.

He  said, “it’s important for farmers to appreciate the fact that markets and sellers do not really care where the product comes from as long as they make their profits, and no supermarket will wait for the local farmers’ chickens to mature, and yet they can source from elsewhere.’’

The expert  urged the farmers to take advantage of the National Agricultural Rural Inclusive Project, (NARIGP) grant by the World Bank to the tune of Sh.22.6 billion to assist local farmers increase their production and profitability.

The  poultry expert appealed to poultry farmers to take advantage of the NARIGP project and form strong co-operative unions to market and determine the price of their products.

He added that in the current world, solo farming was unlikely to succeed because the market demands for poultry products were huge due to the increased health-conscious population, and those who meet the high capacity yields will continue to be preferred by the market.

By  Veronica Bosibori

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