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Low turnout witnessed in Kajiado Central KDF recruitment

The Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) recruitment in Kajiado Central kicked off on Wednesday at Masai Technical Training Institute, but a very low turnout was witnessed compared to the other sub-counties within Kajiado where the exercise had already been completed.

The group leader of the recruitment exercise Lt Maxmilla Lucita said they started the exercise on Monday at Oloitokitok followed by Mashuuru sub-county on Tuesday and Kajiado Central on Wednesday, but the turnout in Kajiado Central was low.

“I am conducting recruitment in Oloitokitok, Kajiado Central and Kajiado East sub-counties. The turnout in Oloitokitok was good, we had four divisions, but the turnout in Mashuuru was also low but in Kajiado Central the turnout was really low,” said Lucita.

Lucita added that the exercise has been smooth since Monday and they are looking forward to recruiting qualified candidates as the exercise is free and fair, “We have not faced any challenge so far, the exercise has been smooth. We are checking for all the required documents and certificates,” said Lucita.

During the process, the recruiters ensured that all successful candidates were physically fit, had the required paperwork, and were in good medical condition while observing gender parity.

“We also consider gender, we are recruiting ladies although not all the divisions are recruiting ladies, we are also recruiting the army, the air force, the constable and the navy,” said Lucita.

By Seline Nyangere and Sammy Rayiani


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