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Luma cave, a historical site believed to be a divine abode

In the heart of Mea hill in Igembe North sub-county, a mystical historical site known as Luma Cave stands tall, captivating the hearts and minds of residents and those from the neighborhood.


Nestled amidst lush greenery and rugged terrain, the cave exudes an aura of mystery and reverence.

Elderly residents claim that this cave was not built by human hands but by God and it is thus revered as the ‘sacred house of God’. It has allegedly existed since time immemorial.


Luma Cave serves as a holy sanctuary where people embark on spiritual journeys of prayer and fasting. Often worshippers spend days with unwavering faith that their supplications will be answered promptly. Inside it, there are various sections including a raised place considered to be an altar.


Perhaps it is its isolation and serenity that draws throngs from all corners of Igembe and Meru County as a whole to seek solace, healing, and spiritual nourishment. Its unique allure lies in its extraordinary history and the profound beliefs that have been passed down through generations.


A resident of Mea, Mr. Peter Gichunge, 76, reveals he has been visiting Luma cave since childhood and he recalls his first visit with vivid clarity.

He maintains that the place is highly respected adding that women are only allowed to enter the cave when dressed decently and must wrap a leso around the waist to ensure men are not tempted to even admire their alluring femininity. “Women cannot dare wear trousers or short dresses since the place is holy,” he adds.


Gichunge claims the site was revealed to the ancient inhabitants of Mea in a dream by what they believed was a God’s angel. The angel allegedly urged them to make the place a holy sanctuary for prayers and soul searching promising them that God would hear and promptly answer their prayer requests.

He says he firmly believes in the efficacy of prayers at Luma Cave saying he has personally experienced miracles after devoutly praying and fasting at the sacred café. He claimed that his daughter’s chronic illness was miraculously healed after he spent three days fasting and praying at the site.

‘’Many such stories of answered prayers and divine interventions have been passed down through the generations, solidifying the unwavering faith of the residents in the mystical powers of Luma Cave,” he notes.

On the other hand, residents take great pride in preserving and maintaining the site, organizing regular gatherings and festivals to celebrate the blessings bestowed upon them.


Gichunge notes that due to respect bestowed on this holy cave, there are no cases of insecurity that have ever been reported.

He thanked the county government of Meru for digging a borehole and bathrooms and latrines around the Luma cave to enhance proper sanitation adding that in the past people had to carry or buy water for bathing, drinking and cooking beverages while visiting the site.

Gichunge however urged the government and well-wishers to consider installing solar lighting system around the site saying they use torches to provide light while in the facility.


By Kamanja Maeria and Isaiah Mutharimi

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