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Maasai Mara University unveils water analysis technology equipment

The  Maasai Mara University on Monday unveiled state-of- the-art water analysis equipment worth Sh.100m.

The  water analysis equipment, donated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, will greatly aid in research to address challenges facing dry lands and wetlands in Kenya, the East Africa region and globally as well.

“Scientific research into wetlands and dry lands as home and habitat for humanity and wildlife touches on key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals agenda, particularly goals number 2 & number 11 of Zero Hunger and Sustainable Cities and Communities respectively, focused on achieving a clean global habitat and food security,” said the  Maasai Mara University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mary  Walingo.

Prof. Walingo lauded the Chinese Academy of Sciences for their continued partnership and collaboration with Maasai Mara University that culminated into unveiling state-of-the-art water analysis equipment for the ultra-modern science laboratories.

This historic milestone comes in the wake of a three-day ANSO-MMU-SAJOREC international conference week that kicks off this coming Wednesday 4th September, 2019 at Maasai Mara University.

Presentations at this International Conference are expected to come from some of the best research experts and minds drawn from across the world.

These papers presented will therefore be repackaged and published in a global book, offering extremely viable and noble recommendations and policy strategy guidelines towards rooting out the degradation of Wetlands and Dry lands not only in Kenya’s South Rift but also countrywide and globally.

The  Chief  Guest during the Opening Ceremony of this International Research Conference this week at the Maasai Mara University will be Prof. BAI Chunli, a chemist and an expert in Nano science.

The  ANSO-MMU-SAJOREC International Conference happening within this coming week at Maasai Mara University will provide an arena for global science researchers and professionals drawn from various backgrounds from both private and the public sector to mutually address the diverse development challenges and opportunities in the dry lands and wetlands of the 21st Century.

By  Alice  Gworo

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