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Maasai Purko clan leaders unite for development

Leaders from the Maasai Purko clan have agreed to come together, leave their political differences behind until 2026, unite, work together, and focus on development.

The leaders met during the Purko General Assembly meeting that brought leaders from all corners of the county together with the locals in Narok Town to deliberate on matters concerning the progress of the Purko Development Trust.

Led by Governor Patrick Ntutu, together with the former Narok North legislator and gubernatorial aspirant Moitalel Kenta, the leaders came together with the locals in order to streamline the agendas of the community.

The governor said it was high time for all leaders to collaborate and work together towards development for the coming four years.

“I call upon the leaders: let’s leave politics aside and focus on development. It’s time to unite and deliver on our mandate as leaders,” Ntutu added.

The governor noted that if the county government wants to do some developments that would help the community, the leadership will engage the community at large.

Among the leaders present in the meeting were Narok North legislator Agnes Pareyio, Narok West legislator Gabriel Togoyo, Narok South Legislator Kiti lai Ntutu, County Woman Representative Rebecca Tonkei, member of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) David Sankok, and Members of County Assembly (MCAs) from the Pruko clan.

On his part, Kenta, who is also the Patron of the Purko clan, said the community must be involved in all matters concerning them and should be allowed to participate in them.

Kenta also urged all the leaders and their supporters to unite and focus on development, noting that the politics were over and it was time to work with the leadership in place.

“We don’t have any differences with the governor. Politics are over, and come 2026, we can depart to different parties, but after our people have benefited,” added Kenta.

In addition, the Archbishop of The Anglican Church of Kenya, Jackson ole Sapit, called on the leaders and their supporters to unite and focus on service delivery to the people.

“When we come together as a community, great things happen, and people prosper. Our leaders should work towards uniting the people,” Ole Sapit added.

He said that the community comes first, and they should be allowed to participate in anything that concerns them; therefore, leaders should not ignore the locals.

By John Kaleke

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