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Machakos County Assembly blood donation drive

Machakos County Assembly in collaboration with the Stoni Athi Rotary Club and the Kenya Tissue Transplant Authority (KTTA), has organised a three-day blood drive campaign to replenish blood banks in hospitals across the county.

The blood drive campaign done at the County Assembly saw leaders, the County Assembly staff and the public donate blood for patients in need of blood.

While speaking to the media at the County Assembly premises during the blood drive, Dr. Steven Adudansi, a medical practitioner and president of the Rotary Club in Stoni Athi said the exercise aims to sensitise people on the importance of donating blood.

“We should keep on sensitising people to donate blood so as to save as many lives as possible,” said Adudansi.

Dr. Adudansi noted that in every 10 minutes, seven people in Kenya require blood. Adding that one pint, which measures about 450 ml, can be used to save up to 4 people.

He disclosed that the majority of the blood donated is used in hospitals for accident patients and mothers who lose blood during childbirth.

“Kenyans need blood and the majority are women who are giving birth since most of them die in the process of bringing life to the world,” said Dr Adudansi.

He assured residents that the donated blood is collected and safeguarded by KTTA and is given for free in health facilities.

Dr Adudansi highlighted that the blood drive is done annually and so far 722 pints of blood have been donated against a target of 700 pints, which is enough to save 2800 lives.

He said the campaign started on February 11 and has been carried out in Mavuno Church, KAPPA oil refinery on Mombasa Road, Daystar University Athi River, KAG University and UMMA universities in Kajiado.

On his part, Machakos Member of County Assembly Nzioka Wangondi urged more leaders to donate blood to enable the hospitals in Machakos to have adequate blood in case of emergencies.

Wangondi added that most hospitals in Kenya require blood and it becomes a problem when a major need arises such as transfusion.

The MCA hailed the Stoni Athi Rotary club for their efforts in trying to save lives and urged them to incorporate more residents in the campaign.

By Anne Kangero

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