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Machakos reviving agricultural exhibition after Covid disruption

The Machakos Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) show, is slated to take place from June 22 to 25, 2022 with more exhibitors coming to register in preparation for the mega event.

Speaking while addressing the media at the Machakos show ground, Branch Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Patram Muthoka pointed out that new technologies and modernized Agricultural systems will be unveiled during this year’s Agricultural Show.

“We have farmers who are coming with new technologies, new certified seeds, others with fruit seeds. We will have them on the ground during this exhibition and also some with new water harvesting techniques,” said Muthoka.

Muthoka said that as a society they have developed an elaborate land use masterplan which is to come up with large convention centers in some counties inclusive of Machakos to leverage income from the shows.

“We draw much of our income from the shows and one of the things that we picked as ASK from the suspension of shows, we developed a very elaborate land use Masterplan and already in Jamhuri park we are ready with a very huge convention centre larger than KICC, we have also developed a master plan for other counties,” Muthoka noted.

The Branch ASK Chairman, Mr. John Nzau reiterated that all the preparations are in line with the Ministry of Health Covid-19 guidelines.

“We have requested the Ministry of Health who have allowed us to have this year’s event with its Covid-19 guidelines and protocol adhered to minimize the spread of the virus amongst those in attendance,” said Nzau.

He noted that 48 exhibitors have so far shown interest in participating in the show, commenting that it is a good number compared to 2019 where only 32 Exhibitors had confirmed by this time.

“Up to now we have 48 Exhibitors who have confirmed with our office that they will be part of us this year and still expecting more within the one month remaining, compared to 2019 where only 32 Exhibitors showed up for participation,” Nzau said.

The chairman assured the public of their safety as they intended to attend the event. “We have consulted the security department as we have always done and they are ready to stand by us, we shall have a peaceful show and there will be no harm at all,” noted Nzau.

Nzau further acknowledged the Ministry of Education for accepting to be part of the event by allowing all schools to come and learn new innovations from the show.

“We have requested the Ministry of Education and they have authorized us to invite all the schools because they could not have come for the last two years due to the pandemic that hit the country so hard,” added Nzau.

Nzau called upon all farmers, participants, exhibitors, show goers to come in large numbers and learn new innovations in order to improve on agricultural production and other initiatives.

This year’s theme is ‘Promoting Innovation in Agriculture and Trade’.

By Janet Shitote and Benson Mutiso

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