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Machakos Rugby Tournament to Create 300 Jobs for The Youth

Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi has assured Machakos Residents that the upcoming Rugby tournament in April 2023 will create 300 jobs for the youth.

Mwangangi was speaking at the Governor’s office after unveiling the Grand trophy in Honor of the late Rugby legend Bernard Ayimba under the Kenya Rugby league Federation which will be held at Machakos stadium from 7th -9th April 2023.

“This tournament will be on for three days and will create employment for over 300 youths from Machakos where people will be employed to do different tasks,” said Mwangangi.

The Deputy Governor added that there will be employment before, during and after the tournament.

He noted that as a County they are comparing their standards to internationally approved requirements in terms of Tourism, Social amenities and sports facilities in the County.

Mwangangi further noted that as a county they have been very consistent in welcoming every development partner so that they can team up, learn and develop Machakos County.“We seize the opportunity and ensure we gain as much as we can and also cooperate with you to see the success of the tournament,” Mwangangi assured the Rugby Federation.

On his part, the chairperson of the Kenya Rugby League Federation (KRLF), Quicks Nyakwaka stated that the launch was in honor of the fallen hero Benjamin Ayimba, who gained world class status in World cup competitions.

Nyakwaka praised Ayimba saying he was a hero of international standing in rugby who took Kenya to the world and they will continue honoring him as a rugby family.

The Rugby Chairman said they are developing one of the most expensive trophies in Kenyan History which will be contested at the tournament.

Nyakwaka pointed out that after the finals, they plan to create a special gallery at the Governor’s office where the Trophy will be on display in a bullet proof screen.

“We have talked to the County and we have agreed that the trophy will be kept here in a bullet proof screen which will be referred to as Benjamin Ayimba Museum of Masaku”, said Nyakwaka.

He urged Kenyans to secure their tickets early enough for the coming rugby tournament before they are over. Nyakwaka said the tickets will cost Sh1000 for the three days event and Sh 2500 for the corporate business category.

Nyakwaka also noted that security will very tight during the event.

The Rugby League which was introduced in Kenya in 2013 is different from the Rugby Union in terms of the number of players and awarding of points.

Last year was a Historic year for the Kenya Rugby League players since they made their maiden appearance at an international competition; at the Middle East Africa (MEA) a Championship that was staged in Accra Ghana.

By Anne Kangero and Jackline Mukina

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