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Magistrate to be deployed to Merti and Garbatula

Chief Justice David Maraga has said that a judge will be visiting to hear high court cases in Isiolo law courts in an effort to reduce backlog and trim down travels made by residents to high courts only found in other counties.

Maraga said that Isiolo residents have been suffering while travelling long distances to seek justice in other counties which have high courts.

He said the Judiciary is committed to having Kenyans accessing justice at their door steps by ensuring there were adequate facilities and personnel to serve them in their vicinity.

He noted that previously, residents of Merti, Sericho and Modogashe used to travel to Meru spending unnecessary days seeking justice at the expense of other commitments.

Chief Justice David Maraga unveils a plaque while opening of a four-storey court building in Isiolo town.

The CJ said that more vehicles would be assigned to the area so that wananchi would benefit from mobile courts nearer to them instead of incurring a lot of money in transport.

Justice Maraga who was officially opening a four storey court building in Isiolo said two magistrates would be posted to Merti and Garbatula sub counties to reduce long distance covered by area residents to get to Isiolo town.

The local leaders led by Senator Fatuma Dullo and Isiolo North MP Hassan Odha said opening up of mobile courts in rural areas would reduce the number of cases piling at Isiolo law court.

Fatuma said that illegal land grabbing by prominent people had made innocent and poor suffer since the county government failed to address the issue as those with money filed cases in Meru hence affecting poor people economically and mentally.

She said that a visiting judge would attend to cases that are filed in other counties that have high courts and help those who could not afford to travel far to seek justice that sometimes led to losing their cases.

She added that the terrain in remote areas of Isiolo County was rough and sometimes this made it difficult for the residents to make it to courts when expected especially during the wet seasons.

Isiolo County Commissioner Mr. Herman Shambi commended Isiolo Law Court for firmly dealing with drug smugglers and called for strict adherence of law to reduce crime in the area.

The CC said that since the County Security Intelligence Team had the court support in fight against drugs, the menace had gone down by 50 per cent.

By Abduba Mamo

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