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Makongeni Reveler Beaten to Death

A drinking spree in Makongeni estate in Thika town turned tragic after a reveler was beaten to death by a bar guard after a quarrel Sunday evening.

According to eyewitnesses, the middle aged man had come out of Club Black D and had some altercation with the watchman at around 7.30pm, following which the guard beat him with a hockey stick, killing him on the spot.

One of his friends   was lucky to survive the injuries which he also sustained from being beaten by the same watchman.

This forced some of the victim friends to trace the watchman early Monday, where they descended on him with blows and kicks leaving him for the dead. He later died at the Thika Level Five Hospital.

It took the intervention of the police to quell the rowdy youth who had raided the bar and stole liqour, and vandalized a neighbouring club, where the watchman also guarded, breaking window panes and stealing alcohol.

Shocked residents decried the many cases of violence in the area, attributing the vice to rampant alcoholism in the estate.

They wondered why bars were still operating in the area despite the government’s directive that banned the opening of all bars in order to contain Coronavirus.

“Bars have never closed in this estate despite the government’s ban on their reopening. Rather than the youth engaging in productive ventures, they have sunk deep into alcoholism. Again, cases of violence in this estate are very high. We need to have enhanced security. If that was the case, both deaths would have been avoided,” said Cicilia Mumbi, a resident.

Thika West Sub County Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri said investigations into both incidents were ongoing and warned that anyone who will be found culpable will be dealt with according to the law.

She called on residents to observe restraint, when dealing with suspects, by handing them over to the police, saying mob justice cost the watchman his life.

By Muoki Charles


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