Makueni gets 240 million for Inua Jamii Cash transfer program

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A total of 30,120 Inua Jamii cash transfer beneficiaries in Makueni County have received Sh 240,960,000 under the social protection kitty whose payments resumed on Monday this week.

Makueni County acting person in charge of Social Development Brian Kiilu, said the beneficiaries were 22,978 Older Persons (OP), 6,164 Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and 978 Persons with Severe Disabilities (PWSD) across the county.

“Each beneficiary in all six sub counties will receive a total of Sh8, 000 in arrears for four months of July, August, September and October 2022 cycle,” said Kiilu while speaking to KNA at his office Wote today.

In Mbooni Constituency, the government has paid Sh 51,752,000 to 5,371 (OP), 940 (OVC) and 158 (PWSD) followed by Makueni Constituency with cumulatively Sh 50,256,000 million shared among 4,805 (OP), 1,268 (OVC) and 209 (PSWD) beneficiaries.

Kaiti Constituency has 4,187 (OP), 925 (OVC) and 201 (PWSD) with a cumulative amount of Sh 42,504,000. In Kibwezi West, the government has paid Sh 39,584,000 to 3,193 (OP), 1,575 (OVC) and 180 (PSWD).

Also, the government disbursed Sh 29,416,000 million to 2,836 (OP), 692(OVC) and 149 (PWSD) Inua Jamii beneficiaries in Kibwezi East constituency while Kilome constituency received Sh 27,448,000 from the government to benefit 2,586 (OP), 764 (OVC) and 81 (PWSD) beneficiaries for the four-month cycle.

The funds were paid through Equity Bank, Post Bank, National Bank of Kenya, Kenya Commercial Bank, Kenya Women Trust Fund, and Cooperative Bank.

The programme is a government initiative aimed at supporting the most vulnerable persons in the society targeting older persons of age 70 years and above, orphans and vulnerable children and people living with severe disability.

By Ronald Rono

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