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Makueni schools set as 4-K clubs centres of excellence  

At least 32 primary schools in Makueni County have been targeted to be centres of excellence for 4-K clubs.

Makueni Sub County Director of Education, Mr Magara Onduso, said the criteria used in identifying the schools included availability of water and enough land.

He made the announcement during a sensitization seminar at a hotel in Wote town where several stakeholders were in attendance.

“Already we have identified the schools that have water and land. Several stakeholders to be trained include Sub County Agricultural Officer, Youth Officer, Agri-Business Officer, Education Officer, Ward Agricultural Officer and 4-K Club Patrons,” said Onduso.

A positive Youth Development Model will be adopted and used to train the club members, patrons and stakeholders.

The participants stand to gain competence, confidence, connection, contribution and character and be active agents of community development in their respective areas.

During the sensitization, it was revealed that there will be a County Committee with the Governor being the patron and will be coordinated by the County Commissioner, the Chairperson will be Executive Committee Member for Agriculture Department and the County Director of education will be the secretary.

Speaking at the seminar, an official from the State Department of Youth, Ms Christabel Adhiambo, said the county committee will have to ensure there is vibrant 4-K clubs and also mobilize resources besides involving all stakeholders to support the programme.

Consequently, she said that 6,200 schools are targeted across the country both public and private while challenging Kenyan citizens to change the perception they have about the Competence Based Curriculum.

“Changing perspective is not easy. That is why the school environment will provide us a unique and effective platform for changing the perceptions of young people towards agribusiness and it will greatly complement the Competency Based Curriculum,” noted Adhiambo.

By Patrick Nyakundi/Lilian Mueni



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