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Man commits suicide over domestic feud

A middle aged man in Kiangondu location, Tharaka Nithi County, has committed suicide over alleged disagreements with his wife who recently left him and carried along all their shared properties.

The body of Alexander Marangu, was found dangling from the roof of his house with a rope tied on his neck.

It is suspected that the wife’s decision to take their property and auction their land aggrieved the deceased causing him to commit the act.

“He has been going through a lot of stress due to family issues, especially after their separation with his wife which might be the reason he killed himself,” said a relative to the deceased

Confirming the incident, a Kiangondu Location Chief, Joseph Gitonga Kagere, said that the deceased had visited his office earlier, complaining that his wife had auctioned their land.

The Chief advised him to bring his wife along so that he could settle the issue with them amicably.

The couple later visited his office after seeking guidance from the local Children’s Office, where the deceased accused his wife of taking away their children and most of their assets.

According to family members, the wife allegedly demanded that deceased continues to educate their children, but the late Marangu apparently lacked the financial capability to do so, since the spouse had left with virtually all the property that would have assisted him pay for the school fees.

The deceased left a suicidal note, stating where he had placed the title deed and further requesting his wife to take care of the children.

The Chief decried increased cases of domestic rows in the area, while advising couples to always seek counseling services for any emerging issues in their liaisons.

Kagere urged members of the community to learn to share with friends, parents, religious leaders and others whenever in distress, instead of resulting to drastic actions like committing suicide.

By Felister Gathigia


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