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Man dies in Lake Victoria.

A 27-year-old fisherman drowned in Lake Victoria when a fishing boat capsized during a fishing expedition on Saturday.

The man identified as Calvince Okwiri died after his boat capsized near  Lwanda  Mukuribo beach in Suba Sub county on Saturday at dawn.

The incident occurred when the boat was hit by a storm.

Okwiri who was on a fishing expedition in the company of two colleagues never resurfaced after the boat capsized.

Suba Beach Management Unit Chairperson William Onditi said they believed that Okwiri died on the spot.

“Okwiri was unable to swim when their boat capsized. His body sank into the water and disappeared,” said Onditi.

He said divers were still looking for the body in the lake.

“Our beach leaders and fishermen are now searching for the body,” Onditi said.

Meanwhile, two other fishermen who were with Okwiri escaped the tragedy by swimming before being rescued by fellow fishermen.

The survivors of the incident were identified as Jamcent Pinda and Evans Minowere.

Suba Sub County Police Commander Anthony Mathara confirmed the incident.

“We are assisting residents in their effort to trace and retrieve the body,” Mathara said.

He urged fishermen and other people who venture into the lake to be cautious especially during storms.

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