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Mandera Residents Rally to Combat Climate Change by Planting Trees

In a resolute effort to combat climate change and its adverse effects, the Mandera County government has embarked on a large-scale tree-planting initiative.

Their ambitious goal is to plant a staggering one million trees during the first term in office, a move aimed at fortifying the region against the impacts of climate change.

Mandera County’s Governor, Mohamed Khalif who took the lead by planting the first 5,000 trees, urged the community to take ownership of their environment and actively participate in such initiatives for the sake of a sustainable future.

He emphasized the importance of seizing the opportunity presented by climate changes to rejuvenate the county’s green cover through extensive tree planting efforts.

Residents have been called upon to join this noble cause by planting at least one tree each, promoting a collective responsibility towards a greener and more resilient Mandera.

The tree-planting program is not limited to one locality but is set to be rolled out across all sub-counties within Mandera.

This expansive approach ensures that the benefits of increased greenery and its positive impact on climate resilience are felt throughout the region.

Matker Mohamed, the municipal manager of Mandera County, also revealed plans to establish nursery stations throughout the region, ensuring that anyone can easily access and plant trees in their preferred locations.

The urgency of this campaign is underlined by the recent drought experienced in the area, which has been described as the most severe in four decades.

It’s devastating effects have underscored the need for proactive measures to mitigate the impact of climate change and ensure a sustainable future for Mandera’s residents.

This initiative is a significant step toward a more environmentally conscious and resilient Mandera County.

By Adan Mohamed


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