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Maralal Floods Renders Residents Homeless

Scores of families living in parts of Maralal town, Samburu county were forced to spend the night in the cold after their houses were flooded following heavy rains that pounded the area on Friday night.

Some parents looked for accommodation from neighbors and relatives for their children as they tried to mop up flood waters from their rented houses.

Albert Lekolii, a tenant in Maralal town said that they are now exposed to waterborne diseases since all pit latrines in the compound are filled with water.

“This water is mixed with waste and it’s inside the house and all over the compound, I am afraid that my children could be infected with diseases,” Lekolii said.

He said that he will wait for the water to subside since he has no money to move out after he lost his job at a local hotel due to Covid-19 impact.

Some businesses have been affected by the floods as owners urge county government to intervene with assistance.

Benard Otieno says his motor vehicle garage is submerged in water after youths working under kazi mtaani programme unblocked trenches on the upper side of the town.

“I am requesting the county government or kazi mtaani youth to unblock drainage on the lower side of the town to stop this flooding and losses in future,” Otieno said.

By Robert Githu


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