Bungoma Farmers’  Outcry Over Marauding Monkeys

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Many farmers from Bwema village in Tuuti Marakaru ward, Kanduyi constituency in Bungoma County have abandoned crop farming complaining that a horde of marauding Monkeys has been invading their farms and massively destroying their crops.

The farmers admitted that they are powerless to control the primates that have constantly invaded their farms in search of food. Besides the animals have caused fear among women and children to the extent that they hardly leave their homes.

Speaking to KNA, the troubled farmers led by Fred Wanakayi recounted how the monkeys have destroyed their crops year in year out as they watched helplessly leading to food shortages and mental anguish.

Wanakayi said the situation was now getting out of hand as the primates number keep rising making it completely impossible to plant any crops and forcing many to venture in to other activities  unrelated to farming to make ends meet.

“The population of these monkeys has increased rapidly and they destroy every crop they come into contact with including maize, vegetables, and fruits,” he said adding that they at times sneak into their houses and consume any food they come across.

Wanakayi said that the primates do not seem to fear women and children as they scare them away every time they try to go to the farms and this has forced men to be on the alert lest they attack.

“Their growing numbers is making coexistence with humans intolerable as they are becoming increasingly aggressive in their attempts to get food,” he added.

The farmers are now calling on Kenya Wildlife Service to intervene and drive the monkeys back to forests as they were a big threat to food security.

Story and Picture by Enoch Sitati

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