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Market closed due to hygienic reasons

One of the largest markets in Lodwar, California market, has been closed down for failing to meet hygiene standards.
County Commissioner Muthama Wambua said the county government public health department had ordered the market closed until the hygienic concerns raised are addressed.
“In collaboration with the county government, California market has been closed by public health officers until the hygienic concerns raised are addressed,” said Wambua.
Turkana Central sub county Public Health Officer Lumbasi Rapando confirmed having written to the traders and relevant authorities about the order to close the market.
“We have gone round the market and announced to the traders that the market has been closed,” said Rapando.
Addressing the press in Lodwar on the second day of the curfew, Wambua at the same time emphasised the need for social distancing saying it was one of the most effective ways of combating the Covid-19 disease.
The administrator further warned bar and lodgings operators against using their premises to sell liquor and promote prostitution.
“We have information that some lodgings are being turned into bars and brothels, we shall revoke their licences once we catch up with them,” he said.
He announced that three barbershops and two salons which had opened for business despite being told to close down had their equipment confiscated.
“We shall keep their equipment until the Coronavirus pandemic is over because they refused to heed our warning,” he said.
Wambua warned traders who had hiked commodity prices that they would be dealt with.
“I have not heard of any shortage of commodities like sugar, we shall in collaboration with the county government deal with those hiking prices. Their days are numbered,” said Wambua.
The County Commissioner asked passengers to avoid unnecessary travel because they were exposing themselves to the Covid -19 scourge.
He said screening was ongoing at all entry points to the county including airstrips.
By Peter Gitonga

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