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Marsabit Cyclist on COVID 19 Mission Covers over 2000km  

A resident of Marsabit County has cycled for over 2, 400 km to Western Kenya to sensitize citizens about COVID 19 pandemic.

Fredrick Ochieng who finalized his 22 day journey in Busia said that his initiative was mooted by the desire to ensure that all Kenyans are safe from the scourge which has affected the entire globe negatively.

“My aim of carrying out civic education from Moyale to Busia is to show Kenyans how the Coronavirus disease has negatively affected the world,” he said adding that he kicked off the journey from Moyale on August 6 this year.

Ochieng said that he was pained at how one of the deceased was buried without observing the traditional burial rights.

“He was buried at midnight, an idea that is considered as a very bad action within the traditional Luo culture,” he said.

The native of Siaya County pointed out that a number of youth have developed habits of drug abuse, teenage pregnancies while most parents have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I want to urge all Kenyans especially those from the 14 Counties that I have traversed to abide by the Ministry of Health directives so that we can combat this pandemic,” he said adding that the scourge could only be overcome through personal responsibility.

He noted that most Kenyans only wore face masks after sensing that police officers or National Government Administrative officers were around them.

“In Isiolo, the major challenge is social distance because of lack of sensitization,” he said adding that Nakuru, Laikipia and Nyeri counties suffered similar challenges.

Ochieng’ pointed out that passengers in Kisumu do not observe social distance while boarding public service vehicles.

“Even the DCC in Kisumu was shocked to find a tuk tuk carrying eight passengers instead of two,” he said.

The COVID messenger stated that he cycled from Marsabit to Western Kenya in 2017 to preach peace before the August General elections.

‘But I still have plans to cycle again with a view to push for the establishment of a rehabilitation centre in Siaya and Marsabit to serve Western and North Eastern regions respectively,” he said adding that the country currently has only two rehabilitation centre in Nairobi and Mombasa.

He disclosed that his journey has been supported by an NGO operating in Marsabit in collaboration with other well-wishers.

Busia Deputy County Commissioner Joseph Onyango hailed Ochieng for the initiative adding that the fight against COVID 19 is a collective responsibility which should not be left to the government alone.

“What he has done in sensitizing the 14 counties is commendable,’ he said while urging all the residents of Busia to adhere to the Ministry of Health directives.

By Salome Alwanda


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