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‘Masomo Bora’ to uplift infrastructure of 61 day secondary schools

In a bid to improve the quality of education in Murang’a, Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro has reiterated that the Kiharu ‘Masomo bora’ program that was launched earlier in the year will ensure that all the 61-day schools in the region will receive a detailed infrastructure uplift during the current long holidays.

Speaking at St Joseph the worker Mumbi catholic church where he led a fundraiser in aid of the church’s upcoming St Raphael Centre which will host a wide range of facilities including a health centre and a modern library, Nyoro noted that the construction works in the day schools had been put on hold to allow for uninterrupted learning in the schools.

“The construction works will be carried out during the holiday and will be complete by the time schools open. All the 61-day secondary schools will have tiled floors” he said.

The MP stated that good education infrastructures are crucial elements of a habitable

learning environment as they are critical in improving the student’s performance.

“We have also set aside Sh10million for purchase of revision books which will be used in the day secondary schools to give the students an equal opportunity like their counterparts in boarding schools” added Nyoro

In the program, the 13,000 students receive meals for six days and the parents will not pay more than Sh1000 fee per term exclusive of remedial charges.

The legislator noted that the budget committee has also set aside a budget for junior secondary schools in January and also has a university funding model in place where over 45,000 students will be fully sponsored to go through university.

Meanwhile, the MP who is also the parliamentary budget committee chair observed that the economy is on its way to recovery despite reports from various quarters that depict otherwise.

“From the local stores, even the price of 2kg packet of maize flour has tremendously gone down compared to a few months ago, so I urge you to remain patient as the measures taken by the government will soon bear fruits “he said

Nyoro noted that the agriculture sector which is the backbone of the country has also received enough funding in the supplementary budget through food security policies which are already bearing fruits.

“We are also setting aside a budget for post-harvest management because we anticipate a bumper harvest considering the fertilizer subsidy that all farmers are benefitting from and the current rainfall being experienced” said Nyoro.

The MP further noted that the budget committee will ensure the country has enough driers so that no harvest will go waste as foreseen, based on the food security measures the country has put in place.

By Florence Kinyua

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