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Matatu fare hike as schools break for mid-term

Matatu operators and Bodaboda riders in Meru town have resorted to increasing transport charges to take advantage of this period when students are breaking for midterm.

Early Thursday morning, several students were seen flocking different matatu stages in Meru town and others had already boarded matatus to their different destinations, such as Nairobi, Embu, and Maua.

According to David Mwenda a student at Abothogochi Boys, fares from Meru to Maua escalated to around Sh400 up from the normal Sh300.

Mercy Gakii, a form two student at Kaaga Girls said the charges from Meru town to Nkubu had also increased from the usual Sh100 to Sh150.

The students were forced to dig deeper into their pockets while others had to call their parents for additional funds.

However, Mercy and David were not shocked by the increase in transport charges as they know this is a usual habit by the operators.

Mr Paul Mwangi, a matatu operator in Meru town revealed that they resort to altering the transport charges by “a few shillings” to cover the normal days when business is dull.

He added that they are usually generous to stranded students and sometimes give out their mobile phones to help them call their parents or guardians for interventions.

Not all students however were boarding matatus on their own as some were in the company of their parents.

Christine Mwende, a parent, told KNA that she had to come for her son in Meru town and ensure she accompanies him home to eliminate the temptations of being influenced negatively by his peers.

She also said that she doesn’t trust the safety of the matatus, thus prompting her to take the decision.

On the other hand, hawkers around Meru town are reaping from the break as this offers an opportunity for their business to earn extra shillings compared to normal days.

Joan Mueni, a beef sausages (smokies) seller near Khetiah’s supermarket matatu stage says that she has sold the first round of her smokies stock and is halfway through her second round, adding that she is usually very keen to take advantage of the situation to maximize her sales.

Motorbikes riders were also not left behind, as they benefitted from those students who were not traveling to far places.

“By now I have made seven trips, unlike the usual days and I hope to make even more trips before all schools break,” said an excited Peter Mucui a bodaboda rider within Meru town.

By Dickson Mwiti and Harian Mucheria

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