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Matatu operators appeal for fuel cost reduction

Matatu operators from different Sacco’s in Uasin Gishu County are threatening to hike up fare charges if the government does not lower fuel prices.

Speaking to KNA in Trocadero stage, Eldoret town, Matatu Sacco Chairman, Peter Sawe, pleaded with the government to intervene on the current situation of fuel crisis and come up with a long-lasting solution.

Sawe said frequent hikes of fuel have negatively affected their sector, adding that the rise in fuel prices have caused the prices of other commodities to go up.

Petroleum which was initially sold at Sh130 is now selling at Sh 135 per litre and diesel which costed Sh. 113 is now retailing at Sh118.

“We depend on this matatu sector to earn a living, therefore hiking the fuel prices will adversely affect the matatu sector which has employed thousands of people and such people might soon be rendered jobless.

Sawe added that a rise in fuel prices will leave them with no other choice than to raise their charges on their customers, thus shifting all the burden to the ordinary people.

“We are waiting to see whether the government will lower the prices before we proceed and also hike our charges to cushion ourselves,” he stated.

The hike has not only affected the transport sectors but the food has also become more expensive. My plea to the government is to consider the citizens because we suffer more from such crisis,” commented Kelvin Kiptoo, a matatu user.

Motorists and bodaboda riders are now spending more of their daily earnings to pay for extra fuel charges, after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory (EPRA) increased the cost of petrol and diesel prices by Sh 5 per litre.

By Phelix Kipsang and Chepkoech Mercy


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