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Mathioya Women Sacco Disclaim DP’s Support

Officials of Mathioya Women Sacco have distanced themselves from organizers of a fundraising event expected to be graced by Deputy President Dr. William Ruto.

The officials and the county cooperative department have said they have learnt of the event through posters being circulated through various social media platforms.

The chairlady of the Sacco Ms. Adijah Mwangi through a press briefing at county offices Wednesday stated that those behind the fundraising event are not members of the Sacco.

In the poster, Mwangi observed that the occasion is being organized by Mathioya Women Sacco clarifying that the Sacco she leads is not part of the organizers.

“I want to inform our members that the fundraising event is not ours and we are not aware of the occasion expected to be graced by Deputy President Ruto,” said Ms Mwangi.

The county chief officer for cooperatives Mr. Bernard Wanyoike observed that they did not get any information from the Sacco officials informing them about the fundraising occasion.

Wanyoike noted that for a Sacco to hold an harambee, a permission should come from delegates through Annual General Meeting (AGM) or a special AGM.

He narrated that Sacco are financial institutions which are guided by laws and thus an harambee cannot be arrived without a nod from delegates.

Wanyoike observed before officials think of holding a fundraiser event they need to inform members the purpose for funds so as to ensure there is accountability and transparency.

“Sacco are structured organizations which are governed by by-laws to protect the society from outside influence. If there are welfare groups organizing fundraising events then they can do one but not misuse the name of a Sacco,” he added.

He further said many Saccos have collapsed after they allow themselves to be influenced by politicians saying Saccos usually raise funds through share capital and members’ contribution.

“Murang’a is known for many cooperative societies but some have collapsed after their members got involved into politics. Sacco like any other institution should be apolitical and avoid taking sides,” the chief officer stated.

DP Ruto  is on Friday  expected to conduct a fundraiser for Mathioya Women Sacco and Kangema Boda Boda Sacco.

The occasion has occasioned fear to local residents that different political groups may clash like what happened at Kenol town two weeks ago when some two youth died as the DP proceeded to grace fundraising events at AIPCA church.

Wanyoike said politicians should keep off Sacco and avoid creating divisions in the societies saying many downfalls of the Saccos emerges from claims of misappropriation of funds.

By Bernard Munyao

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