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MCA assaulted by former mayor over grabbed public land

A Kiambu County MCA is nursing head and ribs injuries after he was assaulted by former Thika Mayor David Njihia for questioning him over a piece of public land that he has allegedly grabbed in Thika’s Ngoingwa estate.
Thika town MCA Andrew Kimani said he got injured from a flurry of kicks and blows from the former councilor before he fled for safety.
The MCA was in the company of the county planner and had visited the one acre piece of land yesterday to notify the former mayor against plans to develop it, when he turned violent.
He was forced to rush to a nearby health centre to receive first aid and also recorded statements at the nearby Ngoingwa police post.
When the media visited the scene, the MCA had a bandaged head and was sobbing profusely, complaining of a painful jaw and ribs.
He claimed Njihia threatened to further discipline him if he continued following up on grabbed public land.
“We had visited the site to present a letter stopping any development to the land. However, during the visit I was met with kicks and blows, forcing us to run for our lives. I’m pained that even an MCA can be beaten and threatened for questioning theft of public property,” said Kimani.
He blamed Njihia for being involved in numerous public land grabbing schemes, saying their beef started last Saturday when he led a group of residents to demolish a structure that had been put on a public playground, allegedly sold to a developer by Njihia.
The MCA called on the DCI to investigate the matter, saying it would turn into a security concern to residents. He also called on the government to defend its public land in the area from grabbers.
Residents led by David Njuguna, the chairman of Kariminu market in Ngoingwa estate said the former mayor is known for owning grabbed public land.
They claimed he had also grabbed a section of road reserve next to the grabbed plot where he intends to put up containers to rent to traders.
In a rejoinder, Njihia acknowledged roughing up the MCA saying he had trespassed in his legitimately purchased piece of land.
He said he will not allow the MCA or anyone to disrupt development activities on the plot, since he intended to lease it to another private developer who intends to put up a petrol station in the area.
“The MCA came with the county planner and started accusing me of grabbing the piece of land. With the plans I have for the land, I won’t allow anyone to disrupt my resolve. There was a scuffle where he kicked me on the ribs, and I similarly responded by giving him heavier blows and kicks. This is my property,” said Njihia.
He also recorded statements with the police, and hoped the MCA would be stopped from interfering with his property.

By Muoki Charles

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