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MCA to support sports talents

The  Mikindani  Member of the County Assembly (MCA) in Mombasa County, Juma  Thoya has promised to support sports talents in the area as a strategy for drug abuse prevention among the youth.

Thoya said there was a rising incident of drug abuse in the coastal city of Mombasa particularly among the youth.

He said leaders should support sports so as to keep youth out of criminal gangs and away from drug and substance abuse.

He urged the youth to engage on sporting activities and keep off from the drugs menace that has hit the larger percentage of the youth in Mombasa.

“We want to encourage the youth to focus in sports being the only way to make them busy and avoid indulging in drugs and substance abuse,” he said.

He spoke in Mikindani community hall on Sunday when he attended a training session for the Mikindani taekwondo martial arts and distributed Karate attires to the team donated through the office of the

.He appealed to others to come to the aid of taekwondo by donating sporting kits so as local teams could realize their full potential saying it’s a global sport with large appeal.

The ward representative said he was encouraged to see the youth showcasing their taekwondo talents which is an art of self-defense that originated from Korea.

He urged the youth to embrace taekwondo saying the sporting activity is not only fashionable but will also help keep them fit.

“Sports in general should be embraced by all for physical fitness and mental alertness,” he said at the event that was also attended by the Chairman of the Mombasa branch of the Tae Kwon Do, Bob Otieno.

Otieno asked elected leaders to support the sport to help more youths embrace it and keep off from engaging in criminal activities and indulging in drugs.

By  Hussein Abdullahi

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