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MCAs Accuse Influential people of trying to scuttle appointments

Two MCAs from Hulugho and Masalani in Garissa County have accused some influential personalities from the area who want recent appointments of chiefs and their assistants nullified.

Addressing the press in Garissa town the two Abubakar Shide (Masalani ward) and Adow Omar (Hulugho ward) said they were aware that some politicians were ‘moving from one office to the other in the Ministry of Interior’ to influence the appointments to suit their personal interests.

They said they will resist changes in the appointments which were approved by the Regional Commissioner Nicodemus Ndalana.

Abubakar said the group are using their financial might to virtually influence all public appointments and in the process compromising the integrity of the process in appointing public servants.

He said that less qualified individuals are being appointed to positions they are unable to manage.

“We are saying no to any attempts to scuttle the appointment of the chiefs and their assistants who shortlisted and interviewed based on their qualifications and experience,” Abubakar said.

“Chiefs and their assistants in the area has a bearing on the security of an area. Those appointed should be able to gather actionable intelligence and maintain confidentiality. Those they are pushing to replace the chiefs and their assistants recently appointed are known to be incompetent and will likely compromise the security in the area,” he added.

Omar said he was personally satisfied by the process of shortlisting and interviewing of the candidates.

“Those who were shortlisted were qualified and those appointed for the posts were deserving. We thank those in the interviewing panel for a good job,” Omar said.

“The ministry of interior has streamlined the process of appointing chiefs and their assistants. We are satisfied as a leadership and that is why we sending this message not to interfere with appointments,” he added.

The MCA said in the previous years the appointment of chiefs and their assistants used to take years because of political interference but ‘thank God the process is now done in a professional manner’.

Among the post being contested are those of Chief for Abalotiro and Hulugho locations.


By Jacob Songok

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