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Meat chocks man to death in Kisii

A man from Birongo village of Sameta Sub County in Kisii County was choked to death by a piece of meat on the eve of the New Year.
The victim Osoro Oirere allegedly choked after feasting on a chunk of raw meat on the eve of the New Year while at his home after claiming he was too hungry to be patient for the meat to cook properly.
Area Chief Linus Choka confirmed the incident to KNA Tuesday and said that frantic efforts made to save the victim after he was rushed to Getonto dispensary proved futile where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
According to Oginga Oirere, a brother to the deceased, the man’s wife was not at home when the incident happened and he only got to know of the emergency when his brother rushed to his home for help.
“My late brother rushed to my home pointing towards his throat that was swollen at the time and first aid efforts both at home and at Gentonto dispensary to save his life were futile.
The body of the deceased was later taken to Lenmek hospital mortuary for preservation pending funeral arrangements.
By Deborah Bochere

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