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Medics and Nandi elders advocate for safe male circumcision

Medical professionals, civil society groups, and Nandi County Council of Elders (Kaburwo) have come together to advocate for safe male circumcision exercises.

Led by Nandi County Director of Medical Services Dr. David Bungei and officials from the National Syndemic Diseases Control Council, they said policies must be put in place to ensure only professionals handle the initiation process to protect children.

“We have had instances where our children go through initiations in the hands of quacks. We need to have community doctors on board to handle critical issues to protect our young men,” he said.

Dr. Bungei also noted as a community, we need to mentor our sons so that they become productive in their communities and prosper in their lives.

The Director, Ambassadors of the Boy Child Campaign Mr. Kimutai Choge stated that the main aim of the meeting was to discuss the health of the boy child before, during, and after circumcision time.

Speaking at a Kapsabet hotel, Mr Choge commended the County Government of Nandi for deploying qualified doctors.

“I also want to salute the efforts of Kaburwo elders for bringing up culturally mannered upright men in our society,” he said.

Mr Ezekiel Lelei, one of the attendees said the caucus with the old men was meant to discuss culture versus modernism adding that young men have lost track in life.

“We came here to harmonize and strategize, bring the boy child and the father together. We teach them the responsibility of a young man,” he said.

Nandi County Director of Medical Services Dr. David Bungei addressing various stakeholders during a meeting to advocate for safe male circumcision.

He went on, “Today in the society of the 21stcentury, we are seeing ladies going far ahead and boys are lapsing behind, the reason being they are not together.”

The Chairman of Kaburwo Elders Benjamin Kitur called for concerted efforts to ensure health standards are adhered to during the initiation process to prevent deaths.

He said those tasked to take care of our sons during the initiation rites should ensure the environment they live in is conducive and secure.

“In the past, we have lost a number of our boys during the initiation exercise. This time let us be careful and ensure the rite of passage is safe for our boys. The camps should be clean and those taking care of them should observe a high standard of hygiene,” he said.

By Linet Wafula

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