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Mental health cases on the rise

The  Health professionals in Kisii County have decried increasing cases of mental health in the area and advised residents to seek help early enough.

During launch of activities to mark World Mental Health Week, revelations from medical authorities indicated the prevailing state of the phenomenon in the county.

The  County Director of Health, Dr. Geofrey Otomu disclosed that 27 cases of depression were detected within three months in county health facilities.

Launching  the week at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital, Otomu observed that the incidences were indicative of the stress levels the society was undergoing.

He  urged those affected to seek treatment at health facilities where there were trained personnel qualified to deal with the condition.

The  director announced on-going plans to equip health facilities as a preparedness mechanism to handle the emerging mental health morbidity.

Dr. Bina  Ongaki  noted that 45% of admissions at KTRH were illnesses accompanied with stress which has been found to lead to depression.

Dr. Ongaki appealed to those having mental health to first accept that they had a problem so that they come out and seek psychological treatment and stop attributing the condition to witchcraft.

She added that the condition was reversible as long as it was not stigmatized and patients denied the attention of qualified medics.

The  Clinician, Ruth Mogaka  said mental health led to suicide cases and the most affected people were those aged between 15 to 29 years.

By  Clinton Nyamumbo/Jane Naitore

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