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Mental health providers to intensify home visits 

The mental health providers in Turkana County will intensify home visits to enhance the care and treatment of patients with mental conditions.

Marking World Mental Health Day, in collaboration with the Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development, the participants drawn from health facilities and community health units got refresher training on common mental disorders, their causes, and possible treatments.

It also allowed the providers an opportunity to share the best practices and experiences in managing patients suffering from various mental conditions.

County Mental Health Coordinator Robert Wasike said the program will be seeking to strengthen and streamline the home visits to better manage, care for, treat and handle our patients.

He added that home visits assist the providers in identifying the social system and understanding the environment whether it is a contributing factor or therapeutic.

The program is also seeking to integrate mental health into community health services whereby community health promoters will be able to sensitize the households.

World Mental Health Day is marked every 10th October every year. This year’s theme is “Mental health is a universal human right.”

By Peter Gitonga

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