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Meru County health department to uplift health facilities

The County government of Meru’s health department has laid out plans to revamp all health facilities in order to serve the residents better.

According to the County Health Executive Mr George Mungania, the department is also keen to see to it that all medical supplies are delivered to the required facilities in order to benefit the residents within that area.

“All our medical supplies are usually received by the Governor and later distributed to all health facilities within the County as per the needs. We have put in place stringent measures to ensure the supplies get to the place they are meant for so as to serve our people appropriately,” said Mr Mungania.

He said in the current 2023/2024 financial budget, the county government has set aside enough money to ensure all the facilities are uplifted including the construction of laboratories and maternity wards where necessary.

“We are constructing laboratories where there have never been any and equipping those that were existing. This will ensure that our people get laboratory tests in order to find out the exact disease they were suffering from before treatment,” said Mr Mungania.

This comes at a time when residents from various parts of the county have been complaining of a lack of laboratories and maternity wards in their nearest health facilities which has been forcing them to seek medical attention from distant or private hospitals which majority cannot afford.

By Dickson Mwiti

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