Monday, May 27, 2024
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Meru elders urged to lead residents in Covid-19 vaccination

Njuri Ncheke elders have been urged to lead the rest of the Meru County population in getting vaccinated against Covid-19 to reduce chances of succumbing to the virus.

Speaking to the media in Meru, Council Secretary General Josphat Murangiri said the rate at which people were testing positive for the virus in Meru County after the onset of the third wave was not something to be ignored.

Murangiri said council meetings would remain suspended until a time when the prevailing situation was contained, adding that the elders had an obligation to lead other people in obeying and adhering to the set guidelines in controlling the spread of the virus.

He urged everybody aged 58 years and above to voluntarily take the vaccine at any health facilities, saying most of the council elders fall under this age group and they were at the highest risk of getting infected.

“I wish to appeal to Meru county residents to turn up in large numbers for the Covid-19 vaccine with no reservations and be able to save life,” Murangiri said.

Murangiri however said a few council elders had been entrusted with the task of holding meetings at the Nchiru shrine to attend to emerging emergency cases, especially disputes with the likelihood of having adverse effects on the lives of the involved parties.

The council leader further appealed to the county and national government to upscale the provision of the vaccine and ensure all public and private health facilities were supplied with vaccines to widen the coverage area.

“Some people may be willing to get the vaccine but had no information on where and when it was available,” Murangiri said.

By Makaa Margaret